Germs & Handwashing

Are you Germ-Wise? The OrganWise Guys can help make sure that you are! In a creative way, Sir Rebrum, the brain teaches kids the importance of washing their hands so that they can be germ-free and healthier.

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  • 2223 Shorts DVD Cover

    The OrganWise Guys “Shorts!”

    $ 49.95
  • 2306 Monthly Healthy Behaviour Tracking Calendar COVER FI

    Monthly Behavior Tracking Calendar

    $ 6.95
  • 2215 Pepto's Party Portions DVD Cover

    Pepto’s Party Portions DVD

    $ 13.95
  • 2041 Are You Germ Wise COVER FI copy

    Are You Germ-Wise?

    $ 9.95

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