Behavior Tracking Tools

Kids retain more when they can apply what they have learned in the classroom! The OrganWise Guys help facilitate this with resources that help them track their healthy habits. These items can be used in a variety of settings from doctor’s offices, WIC clinics, summer camps, health fairs or even at home! Let the child decide which healthy habit they would like to work on for the upcoming week. The OrganWise Guys wouldn’t even mind if a child wanted to work on more than one habit at a time!

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  • 2306 Monthly Healthy Behaviour Tracking Calendar COVER FI

    Monthly Behavior Tracking Calendar

    $ 6.95
  • 6505 Exercise Tracking Tool FI

    Exercise Tracking Tool

    $ 17.50
  • 6502 Low-fat Tracking Tool FI

    Low Fat Tracking Tool

    $ 17.50
  • 4010 Fruit and Vegetable Tracking POSTER - LARGE

    Fruit and Vegetable Tracking Poster/Stickers Kit

    $ 7.95
  • 6503 High-Fiber Tracking Tool FI

    High-Fiber Tracking Tool

    $ 17.50
  • 6504 Water Tracking Tool FI

    Water Tracking Tool

    $ 17.50
  • 6500 Heakthy Habits Kit FI

    The OrganWise Guys Healthy Habits Kit

    $ 77.90
  • In The House Kit

    In the House Kit

    $ 34.95

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