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The OrganWise Guys has a vast collection of story books that cover a wide variety of subjects. Most importantly, these stories connect with kids! Whether it is teaching the inner workings of our bodies, coaching up healthy eating habits, or encouraging them to grow a garden, these educational and entertaining stories will excite kids to want to make healthy choices to help keep their own OrganWise Guys in tip-top shape.

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  • 3011 Balance the Energy Equation Book COVER FI

    Balancing the Energy Equation – One Step at a Time!

    $ 17.95
  • 3005 Healthy Heart Challenge COVER FI

    The Healthy Heart Challenge

    $ 17.95
  • 3001 Smart From the Inside Out COVER FI

    Smart from the Inside Out – All Grades

    $ 17.95
  • 3003 Basic Training for Better Health COVER FI

    Basic Training for Better Health (3rd-5th)

    $ 17.95
  • 3013 Undercover Diabetes Health Agents Book COVER FI

    Undercover Diabetes Health Agents

    $ 17.95
  • 3017 Train Your Brain for Success Book COVER FI

    Train Your Brain for Success

    $ 17.95
  • 3009 Pepto Place Book COVER FI

    Pepto’s Place – Where Every Serving Size is OrganWise!

    $ 17.95
  • 2011 School Days Here We Come COVER FI

    School Days Here We Come!

    $ 9.95
  • 2013 All Hearts Need Love COVER FI

    All Hearts Need Love

    $ 9.95

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